Furninova has decades of experience in designing and building sofas at our own European factory. We truly believe that this is the only way to guarantee the high quality and craftsmanship that we require of ourselves and that we wish our customers to enjoy. When you choose a sofa from Furninova we embrace your individuality!

Pick your personal favourite from our extensive range of fabrics and leathers. Embrace the flexibility to design or choose a sofa of almost any size and shape – a sofa to fully suit your personal lifestyle. Good furniture should be a part of your home and everyday life: an extension of your personality and very individual requirements. In essence it should be piece of you.

We are a Scandinavian company and at our heart lie our Scandinavian design. It is more than just a look it is also a strong commitment to deliver long-lasting pieces of furniture - while minimizing waste, still keeping the air and water we all share safe and clean for future generations. We are dedicated to our customers – always striving to put you at the center of every choice we make.

It is not a choice, it is not a mission - It is a passion!