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All fabrics have different care instructions depending on the material they are made of and how they have been woven. In all loose covers, there are washing instructions that are specific for the fabric that you have chosen. Bigger covers such as whole frame covers are better to leave to a laundry service since your domestic washing machine might not be able to add as much water as the covers need. Always make sure not to centrifuge too much and do not tumble dry. Reupholster the furniture when the covers are still slightly damp. This makes it easier to get the covers back on correctly.


  • Always treat stains immediately when they occur, and follow the instructions that are valid for your fabric.
  • Place absorbent, non-coloured paper or fabric underneath the stain on the fabric.
  • Always avoid rubbing directly on the fabric since this can cause colour loss and burls.
  • If you’re not sure how to treat a stain, contact a specialist for advice.
  • Air and vacuum your furniture regularly, as dirt can result in extra damage.
  • Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight or too close to a heating source.
  • The furniture should always be kept in regular indoor temperature since the damp and cold environment can cause damage.
  • If possible, switch places and turn the cushions regularly, this will wear both the inner cushion and the covers more evenly. 
  • Fabric and leather will stretch when used, therefore you will sometimes need to correct the covers and smooth out any wrinkles out by hand. 
  • If your furniture’s back and seat cushions are filled with ball fibre or feathers you will need to shake the cushions into original shape after usage. 
  • Always treat stains immediately when they occur and ask for professional help if needed