General advice


General advice

Different leathers have different care instructions. Check what kind of leather you have purchased and contact your closest furniture store for advice with what kind of leather care products to purchase if needed. If you decide to use any of those products the colour of the leather can change a bit, but this will wear off in time. 

Points to think about:

  • If you spill any liquids, absorb it immediately with a clean cloth. 
  • Clean stains with a damp cloth, do not use any kind of strong detergents.
  • Avoid rubbing the leather.​
  • If you’re not sure how to treat a stain, contact a specialist for advice.
  • Dust periodically with a wool cloth.

  • Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight or too close to a heating source.

  • The furniture should always be kept in regular indoor temperature since the damp and cold environment can cause damage.

  • If possible, switch places and turn the cushions regularly, this will wear both the inner cushion and the covers more evenly. 

  • Leather will stretch when used, therefore you will sometimes need to correct the covers and smooth any wrinkles out by hand. 

  • Air the environment on humid days to keep leather from becoming dry. 

  • Always treat stains immediately when they occur and ask for professional help if needed