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When you start using your brand new furniture - the upholstery will initially be quite taught. It is not uncommon, the first month or so, to see some new creases where the upholstery has been stretched. This is normal and occur as the materials adapt and conform to your seating habits. After the first month, depending on usage, the materials have adapted to each other and the stretching from there on be to a lesser degree.

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Good advice

Regular cleaning of your sofa by vacuuming it once a week on a low setting is an important part of your sofas maintenance. The filling in your sofa will over time change with use. Therefore it is important to regularly, if possible, switch the back and seat cushions around. Much in the same way that is good to change your favourite seating spot from time to time - to lessen the uneven wear of the sofa. By adhering to this advice, your sofa will maintain its shape and comfort for a longer time ahead.

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Give it some love

If you have cushions with feather filling it is important to regularly fluff them up, preferably each day. By doing this you ensure that they do not become flat and lose their shape. If possible also switch them around and turn them to let them wear evenly. It is completely natural for cushions to become more soft and comfortable to sit in. They will over time adapt and conform to your seating habits.