Amaya is a luxurious sofa whose armrests and backrest are also gently filled like we normally do with cushions; to make it extra enjoyable and soft to the touch. An optional specially designed outside arm- and backrest are available in a leather décor. Amaya's outstanding seat comfort and carefully crafted details place the sofa at the higher end of Furninova's collection of sofas.

The round organic shapes of Bubble dares you to be different. Create an intimate island in your living room by placing the footstools and sofa together - or spread them out to highlight the dynamic play on shapes and colours. Bubble will be an eye-catcher, a comfortable spot, the centre of a conversation - in any home you place it.

A handcrafted timeless classic, Churchill is as luxurious as it looks! Highly skilled upholsterers create the seamless folding and ensure that each brass stud is perfectly placed, loose feather-wrapped cushions ensure that the seating comfort is second to none. Churchill is that classic blend of old-world craftsmanship and modern materials coming together in an iconic design.

Double is modern classical sofa with slim armrests and seat frame. As the name suggests, we have added a double set of seat cushions to create an amazing level of seat comfort. Unlike a lounge sofa, whose seat depth is more oriented towards lying down, this sofa is more designed to offer the best possible comfort while sitting on the sofa

The cool, stylish lounge chair that never compromises on comfort – this really sums up our armchair Egon. Special sewing details on the edges add plenty of character to this beautifully relaxing armchair.

The beautifully curved slim arm- and backrest make Harmony both a modern and classical looking sofa. Available as an optional extra, the loose cover is perfect to have if you enjoy life in the sofa with kids or furry friends - or maybe just want to have the choice to change the look of the sofa depending on season or setting. Harmony comes in two different looks: Day and Night. The Day model has a few larger back cushions and the Night version come with many smaller ones - all to let you find the perfect match to your preferred comfort needs.

From the carefully designed angle of the frame, the optional piping, to the choice of ordering the sofa in contrasting or matching upholstery on the sides and back. Monroe is a statement to our high level of craftsmanship. The super soft back and arm cushions are feather filled, which together with the deep and thick and seat cushion gives you the best possible comfort to lay down and relax.

The quilted pattern gives Norfolk’s headboard a lovely tactile surface and brings with it a whole new dimension to your bedroom. Chose from our wide range of fabrics to truly make it your very own personal design.

Fully curved on all sides and giving off a cool retro vibe, Oline meets all the needs of modern comfort and design. Oline can be ordered with or without the additional footstool in a wide range of upholstery options. 

Paloma - A contemporary armchair with rounded lines and a retro touch which can be dialed up or down, depending on if you go for the metal or wooden legs. Create your own personal look by contrasting the outer and inner upholstery!

A lounge sofa is always a cool place to be! The great design and the higher leg frame send off a great vibe, giving Piemonte a relaxing and comfortable presence before even sitting down. Piemonte can be ordered with a wooden seat frame or come fully upholstered. The special sewing option lets you tailor the sofa to give a different look and feel, all depending on your preferred personal style..

With high legs and a very thin seat frame, Pinot is a very stylish and at the same time a relaxing and comfortable sofa. The higher back and back cushions give plenty of support while it lets you sit down in style. The sofa can be ordered either optional wooden seat frame or fully upholstered. 

Sydney has a contemporary design and fixed seat make which makes it the perfect everyday sofa for many homes. Available in a wide range of leathers and fabrics to suit your home and style. Our new multi-module adds new possibilities to the already highly flexible sofa

The new Vesta Motion offers a slide function module, where the seat slides back and forth to suit your needed seat depth with the help of electrical motors controlling the position. Unique to the Vesta Motion is the optional feather filled slide seat – adding functions should never compromise on comfort. Vesta Motion is part of the modular Vesta-family and is available in a wide range of modules.


The lovely details such as pullings in the back cushions and headrest give Zola a modern yet classic look. A manual headrest function on the back cushion and a thick seat provides plenty of comfort and adjustability – we always feel design and comfort should work in harmony – something Zola is a great example of.