Let the light into your home and welcome spring with new textures and fresh flowers. Do a real spring cleaning and get ready for an energizing season that bring back that long-lost sunshine, inspires new beginnings and brings with it hopes of a beautiful outdoor living. Let the pastels rule this April and decorate your living room with plush cushions in crisp pastel tones. Yellow, pink, light green and duck egg blue: they all bring a feeling of brightness and joy and will finally put an end to the grey winter season

This spring we are focused on making our homes feel new and smart. We embrace all our favourite pieces and give them that extra thought and care. For example; wash all your sofa and armchair covers, rearrange your vases and let some of them stay in the cupboards for another season. Feng Shui is the word. Don’t show it all, instead focus on the things you really love and give them the chance of standing out by putting them on display!

When adding a new piece, make sure it is a petite and easily adopted item; such as a glass vase or a new delicate throw. A carpet with shimmer is ideal too. Let the Spring reflect its brightness into the materials you choose. Glass, mirrors and sheer textures all brings back that clean, new glow.

To finish off the spring like touch; why not add new cushion covers that give your room an airy feeling! Trends are pointing towards a soft, cosy and pale colour scheme this spring. A favourite of ours are the dusty pastel shades that come in all colours and sizes - and can easily be combined with darker shades. Why not try colours like: peach, salmon or banana? They will sparkle up your white sofa in an instant. And while adding a new colour to your living room don’t forget to add one to three things from the same palette to make your house “a home”. An easy reminder is to use the” triangle” shape when decorating your living room. Three corners will make a whole. The same goes for a guideline with colours; a pillow, a vase and maybe a fresh flower in the same hue will tie the room together nicely.

Put your pastel shoes on and be ready for that sure sign of spring!

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